Why Focus On The 15min Barra Feed Each Day? Learn To Catch "Shut Down" Barra And Get 23hrs And 45 Mins More Fishing Time Every Day!

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Hi, I'm Jason Wilhelm.

Years ago I made a discovery that revolutionised barramundi fishing and made me the highest profile barra guide in the country.

I discovered that even the "barra experts" had been asking themselves the wrong question about how and when to fish for barra. And when you ask the wrong question the answers you get aren't so helpful.

Impoundment barramundi are not eating machines, individual fish don't feed 24/7, sometimes they might only eat for 15 minutes a day. But I can tell you this from personal experience: In any impoundment there are catchable barra 24/7, you just have to know how to catch them.

Most impoundment barra "experts" are obsessed with finding some mystical combination of weather, water temperature, tide, moon and other environmental "triggers" that might switch a barramundi into feeding mode.

This would mean that all barra in a lake were either feeding or not feeding all at once. It doesn't make much sense when you think about it. 

And those triggers! There are so many factors to consider it can get very complex and prescriptive. And folks get very protective of their secret barra bite windows.

None of this made sense to me, so I started asking a different question - and I got a much more valuable answer. One that took me on an incredible journey of catching barramundi in all hours of the day and mostly regardless of the environmental conditions.

I stormed the ABT BARRA tournament scene, then became a professional fishing guide, booked 7 days per week and 2 years in advance. Over 7 years I had a 95% success rate at connecting my clients with quality barramundi. Many had never fished before. 

As the word spread I found myself featuring on TV shows, DVD's, magazines and the AFC fishing series aired on Channel 10. 

So what was the very powerful question I asked myself?

I simply asked "What would it take to get barramundi to consistently take my lure even when they're not feeding"?

Because the simple fact is, barramundi are instinctive. They can readily be fooled into smashing a lure for reasons that have nothing to do with being hungry.

When I worked that out, suddenly I was no longer limited to catching fish during those short "bite windows".  I could make a barra take a lure for the other 23 hours and 45 minutes of the day, no matter what the conditions threw at me.

Thinking different and truly understanding barramundi is very powerful, and that's what "Jase Wilhelm's Impoundment Barra Mastery" is all about.

Do Any Of These Sound Familiar?


Barra Are A Mystery

You've done the research, listened to the gurus and put in the hours and.... nothing. You can't seem to unlock the puzzle.


Tiny Bite Windows

You don't have the luxury of fishing tight bite windows. Lots of people can only fish for barra occasionally, often not at prime times.


Too Overcomplicated

You've listened to the experts talk about moons, barometers, tides, wind, light, temp, water quality. Is it really that complex?

FACT: Barramundi are opportunistic feeders. When conditions are optimal through a variety of environmental conditions and stability, they can feed aggressively, however during other periods of a 24 hour cycle Barramundi will rest, travel, and digest their food in stable, oxygen rich, temperate waters. In short, they seek quiet and stable locations at a variety of depths and locations within the confines of the waterway. These locations can change frequently depending on environmental conditions mentioned above, however when the dynamics of the lake are stable these vital areas of congregation remain intact until a key element disappears. This is not theory, this is fact.


Barra Tournament Champ And Guide

Getting Impoundment Barra To Take A Lure Doesn't Have To Be That Hard!


(Just Example)

There Are Two Styles Of Impoundment Barra Fishing

The "Bite Windows" Approach


1. Your impoundment barra trips are planned around tides, lunar cycles, barometer or water temperature.

2. You aim to be on the water precisely when everything is right and the fish come on the chew.

3. If you miss the "bite window" you might as well pack up and try again on the next blue moon.

4. Your catches are hit and miss and usually come during short periods of fish activity.

5. Barra fishing is technical and all about finding obscure patterns that may/may not actually exist.

6. Assumes all barramundi in a lake magically switch on and switch off feeding at the same time.

7. Timing, subtle signals and feeding patterns are everything.

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The "Reaction Strike" Approach


1. You get out on the water whenever you can and then figure out how to adapt to the conditions.

2. You'll let conditions on the water tell you when and where to fish for best results.

3. What bite window? You're not chasing feeding fish so the whole day can be productive.

4. Your catches are consistent because you're not limited to hot bite periods.

5. Barra fishing is about knowing how to push the fish's buttons.

6. Assumes that individual fish feed at different times and that there are always catchable fish.

7. Barramundi instincts and reading conditions are everything.

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Why Limit Your Fishing To Short Periods When Barra Feed?
Why Not Learn To Catch Them Even When They're Not Feeding?

"If I'd only booked charters during so called "prime times" I'd spend a fraction of the time fishing and share that time with a tonne of other boats. The truth is, boating traffic makes the fishing on impoundments so much tougher during the "prime times".

My clients deserved better than that. By fishing outside of prime times we often would have the lake to ourselves and experienced some of the most incredible fishing. A 95% success rate during every month of the year doesn't come from following the flock. So don't put too much credence on prime times!

Jase Wilhelm

My Success As An Impoundment Barra Guide Is No Secret!

Here's Your Chance To Simplify Impoundment Barra Fishing!
"Jase Wilhelm's Impoundment Barra Mastery"


Don't Waste Valuable Fishing Time. Grab This Unique Opportunity To Be Mentored By Me!

And get 12 months of straight-shooting, no BS advice, guidance and life-changing info!

Enrolments For The Next Intake Of Impoundment Barra Mastery Close Tues. Apr 16, 2024. Join Now!

A unique opportunity to get a detailed understanding of my techniques with nothing held back.



14 Exclusive Video Tutorials

This carefully planned course is delivered as 14 sequential videos, with each one building on the previous one. Together they lay out your path to success in easy to follow steps.


Amazing Support And Resources

Attend 3 Live Q&A workshops where I personally answer your questions and simplify barra. Plus Q&A replays, lure checklists, a barramundi decision framework and impoundment calendar!


12 Months Private Members-Only Area

Share your successes so we can celebrate with you. Or tell us your frustrations so I can help you to work through them. You're not left to fend for yourself at all.

"Jase Wilhelm's Impoundment Barra Mastery" Will Permanently Transform Your Approach To Impoundment Barra Fishing

Understanding Impoundment Barra

The evolution, traits, behaviours and (most importantly) instincts of impoundment barramundi and that few anglers take the time to learn but can reshape your approach.

Utilising Seasonal Influences

Learn how the changing seasons affect much more than just water temperature, influencing every aspect of the barra behaviour and that of their prey. Catch barra in every season.

Being Ready For Action

The importance of preparation, planning and good strategy can't be understated. Jase will help you ensure that no opportunity is missed, no time is wasted and less fish are lost.

Developing The Barra Mindset

Catching impoundment barra is more about getting your head right than most people realise. I will bring out your inner tournament angler or pro guide mentality.

Leveraging Impoundment Awareness

Become intimately acquainted with with the dynamics, structures and ecosystems in impoundments and how barramundi respond to them. 

Gearing Up For The Battle

As the saying goes "Don't bring a knife to a gunfight". And don't hit a barra impoundment with the wrong gear. Eliminate expensive mistakes on rods and reels to lines and leaders. 

Having A Suite Of On-Water Tactics

Being able to observe, read conditions, adapt and find the opportunities in a constantly changing environment is the difference between mediocre and extraordinary fishing. 

Lures, Lures, Lures, Lures

You don't need every lure under the sun, but you'd better have the right ones, have tweaked them up and know exactly when, where and how to fish them.

Check Out What Top Aussie High Profile Fishing Folk Say About My Techniques....

What Regular Aussie Anglers Who Have Taken This Course Have To Say

Scott Grech

"I really enjoyed the Impoundment Barra Mastery course, Jase really knows his stuff. I found the course answered a lot of my questions and I've gained lots of knowledge and confidence in my Barra fishing. Here's a pic of a barra the course helped me to catch!"

Cory Gooch

"Since doing Jason Wilhelm’s course I am no longer waiting for the stars to align to go chase Barra eg moon rise, tide changes etc. now, whenever I get a chance, I’m on the water catching Barra in ways I never thought possible at any time during the day. Jase has a way of putting critical information into an easy to understand format and the course has enhanced my knowledge considerably."

Trevor Williams

"This course was outstanding and l feel that each lesson was improving my knowledge and thought processes. Something new each week and the Q and A sessions really help you to solidify that knowledge. Was it worth it? Well, I'd encourage all aspiring and even experienced anglers to sign up. It is worth every cent and the detailed information that you have learnt and accurate breakdown of the impoundments will assist you to put that special barramundi into your boat."

Erin Preston

"The Barra Mastery Course has given me confidence and info to target barramundi in all weather conditions. Jason's in-depth knowledge and course delivery covers every detail required to be successful in targeting Impoundment Barramundi all year round. Having this information from the course and owning it I am able to go back and rewatch lessons, ask questions if needed. It is a great privilege to gain the knowledge from Jason Wilhelm in the Barra Mastery Course - a person that I consider to be "The Best in the Business", a pioneer in the world of Barramundi fishing. While everyone used to put the Barra gear away in winter or adverse conditions, Jason continued fishing and catching big barramundi. The Barra Mastery Course will give any angler a opportunity to have an edge on consistently targeting and catching barramundi in impoundments."


"This course is money well spent. Jason has put in a huge effort to impart his years of experience onto his students and the results speak for themselves. If this course doesn’t improve your catch rates then nothing will."

More About Me And My Background

My Barra Fishing CV


Tournament Wins And AOTY

Multiple ABT BARRA Angler of the Year (Northern AOY and Southern AOY)
2007 AFC BARRA Angler of the Year
AFC Tournament win on Teemburra
Multiple ABT tournament wins on Teemburra and Awoonga
Multiple second places on Teemburra, Awoonga and Peter Faust dams
Retired in 2010 ranked #1 in ABT BARRA

Professional Barra Guiding

7 years, 100% on impoundment barra, 7 days per week, whether the barra were feeding or not. And with a 95% success rate I put a lot of newbies onto their first barra and a lot of Australia's gun anglers onto their PB barra!


Unlocked Winter Impoundment Barra

Back in the early 2000's it was commonly believed barra couldn't be caught in Winter and also could not be caught in the warmer months during SE winds. I didn't accept that view and ultimately dispelled the myth, proving time and again that cold water can produce hot barra fishing and that SE winds in any month of the year were not a hindrance. They were in fact a blessing.


High Profile Barra Guide

I became the sought after guide not just for keen anglers but fishing filmmakers and icons. I've helped guys such as Rex Hunt, Steve Starling, Paul Worsteling, Daryl Beattie, Carl Jocumsen, Ian Miller, Bushy, Alex Julius, John Haenke, Casey Stoner, Mark 'Tubby' Taylor, ET, Steve Morgan and plenty of others notch up some quality barra, often PB's.

FAQ's About My "Impoundment Barra Mastery" Course

How Is It Supported?

There are three ways that you can get help with your impoundment barra fishing:

  • Attend the live Q&A sessions and ask as many questions as you like.
  • Watch the Q&A replay and post questions in the comments section at the bottom of the page.
  • Post a question at any time in the private members area on Facebook.
Do You Guarantee Results?

I don't guarantee you'll catch fish, because a lot depends on you and how well you adopt my strategies.

But I do guarantee that the techniques work and were the basis of my tournament and guiding success.

And I also guarantee the you'll enjoy the course and find it invaluable - I'm so confident of that I'll give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked if you're not 100% happy with the quality of the content, my experience or the information I share. Just request a refund before Wednesday November 23, 2023 and I'll return your money so we can part company as friends.

That's how confident I am in what I'm presenting you.

Can I Download The Videos?

I can understand that you might wish to watch the videos offline. Unfortunately, piracy is a major issue and can take the food off my family's table in a flash. Once it's out there, it's out there for good. So I'm sure you'll understand that to protect my IP the videos will only be available within the secure website. If that doesn't work for you then please reconsider signing up for this course.

Can't Get To A Live Session?

Not a problem, the workshops will be recorded and uploaded within 24hr. So you can go back to them any time as many times as you like, in fact.

When Will You Run The Course Again?

I open the doors to Impoundment Barra Mastery for a short period every few months, but there is a good chance I'll take a break from IBM courses after the October 2022 intake. So I'd strongly advise if you're keen to take the course and don't want to wait until mid-2023, now is the time to enrol! 

How Will I Access The Content?

You'll be given unique logins to a secure members area on the Team Doc Lures website that's only available to Impoundment Barra Mastery members. 

Where Else Can I Get This Info?

Nowhere. This course is 100% original and there is nothing else anything like it. You'll find snippets of the content in articles, websites, videos, dvd's and podcasts. But I have never put all of my focus into documenting my learnings as a tournament angler and guide to the stars like I've done in this course. Everything else scratched the surface, "Impoundment Barra Mastery" goes very, very deep.

Here's A Full Breakdown Of My Impoundment Barra Mastery Program....

Learn With Australia's Most Celebrated Impoundment Barra Angler! 


14 x 90 Minute Video Trainings

Covering all aspects of impoundment barra fishing from understanding fish, breaking down impoundments, reading conditions, choosing tackle, winning techniques and more.


3 x Live Q&A Workshops

Q&A Sessions where you get the chance to get help on whatever aspects of barra fishing are holding you back. This course is fully supported, I have your back.


12 Months Exclusive Members Area

Join me and other Impoundment Barra Mastery participants in a private, troll free Facebook group where you'll get the support you need.


Unlimited Access To Replays

All of the video and live Q&A sessions are archived for you to access and study over and over, as many times as you need to.

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Enrolment Options! 

If you want to take my Impoundment Barra Mastery course and set 2024 up to be the year that changes your barramundi fishing forever, now is the time to act! To enroll, please deposit course fees using the details below!

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I look forward to seeing you in the course and being part of your impoundment barra journey!


100% Money Back Guarantee

If you're not 1000% happy with any of the course content, my expertise or the way the course is presented and delivered, let me know within 30 days of starting the course and I'll refund you in full, no questions asked!*