Are These 40+ Popular Lures The Best In Australia Right Now?

A Survey Of Australia's Top Anglers About The Lures That Work In Australia Today


- What are the best fishing lures for Australia's key fish species?
- What lures come up over and over when I interview our elite anglers?

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Over 150 Elite Anglers Polled


8 Iconic Aussie Fish Species Covered


40 Top Lures Chosen From 500+ Recommendations

With over 300 episodes of the Australian Lure Fishing podcast published, it's understandable that information overload can take it's toll! But having so much information at our fingertips is a unique opportunity to get serious insights into what lures the top anglers in the nation are fishing with. 

This report will make it easier for you to make excellent lure choices!

Australian Bass | Barramundi | Bream | Flathead | Jewfish | Mangrove Jack | Murray Cod | Snapper

For every Aussie lure fishing species with 12 or more dedicated ALF episodes I've identified the lures most frequently recommended by my guests. I'll update these a couple of times per year and expand the species and lure lists as the info becomes available. Obviously the value of this report will increase as more and more anglers are interviewed!

Please note that I'm not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned in this report, although Wilson Fishing has assisted me with prizes and giveaways from time to time (thanks guys). Many of my ALF guests do have affiliations with brands, however. This report is not an endorsement of any of the brands mentioned, nor does it suggest that other lure brands or models aren't effective. It's simply a listing of the products most popular with ALF guests who are selected based on their knowledge, track record, willingness to share information and on my need to provide a balanced spread of species and locations for listeners. The brand affiliations of my guests is not a consideration when scheduling interviews.

Finally, it's definitely worth checking out ALF episodes for the species and areas you're interested in. Most lures can be fished in different ways and my guests provide information on the techniques they favour during the interview. Having the right gear is just part of the equation, knowing how to use it is even more important.

Enjoy the read!


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