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For your convenience, this area is a BS Free Zone. We're a tight, exclusive community of insanely keen lure fishers from novices to experts who interact and support each other. If that sounds good then we'd love you to join our ranks!


Importantly, TDL memberships help keep the ALF Podcast on the air - and in return we give TDL members extra support to acheive lure fishing greatness!


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 Hi Fellow Lure Fishers!

If you're a regular listener of the Australian Lure Fishing podcast, you'll know that we're different from the others. We're more about solid, actionable information than  banter and antics. There's nothing wrong with wrapping info in humour and at ALF we can definitely have a laugh, but we won't waste your time with try-hard shenanigans.

Info is king on the ALF podcast because my vision has always been to create a lasting resource and helpful for all Aussie sport fishers.

Team Doc Lures (TDL) follows the same philosophy as ALF but takes things to a whole new level. Humour is welcome, egos are not. The idea is to build a community so we can all learn from each other. A rising tide to float all ships.

So if that sounds good then why not become part of TDL today? Share what you know or learn from others - or both! I look forward to meeting you inside the TDL community!



Why Should You Join Team Doc Lures?

  1. You dream of mastering lure fishing, but you're sick of wading through confusing, hyped up, paid promotions and ego trips. You just want to cut through and learn what you need to know to catch fish.
  2. You're looking for brand independent advice, tips, tools and resources designed to help you catch more fish on lures.
  3. You enjoy the Australian lure fishing podcast, would like to interact with Greg, his hosts and guests - and support the podcast to keep it on the air.

What's Inside The Team Doc Lures Members Area?


Some episodes of the Australian Lure Fishing podcast include an extended interview with bonus questions. Team Doc Lures members get access to the full interview, members of the public only get access to the shorter version.

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TDL Audio Masterclasses

There are some next-level podcast episodes within the TDL members area that will never be aired on the public podcast program. They've been created just for members and contain pro-level tips and tricks from some seriously smart lure fishers.

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Luke Lispet's Kayak Fishing Masterclasses

Luke is a founder of the Yakhunters movement, which now has tens of thousands of members. His kayak masterclass is an audio series that takes listeners from early steps in getting started at yak fishing right through to advanced kayak fishing techniques.

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Andrew Death's Big Bream Masterclasses

Andrew is a TDL member, budding podcaster and gun kayak bream tournament competitor. He's conducted a series of interviews with other bream fishing guns in a quest to find and catch a better class of bream.

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[NEW] Fishing Research Map

We're rolling out a research tool in the form of a map that allows TDL members to quickly filter hundreds of epiosdes of the ALF Podcast by location, species, season, fishing style and more! The quickest way to start researching a new spot or find fish in your home waters.

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Weekly Live Sessions

TDL members enjoy informal weekly livestreams with Greg and/or guests. Join us for a chat, some tips, to ask questions and so on. Replays are archived and timestamped so even if you can't make it to the live, you can go back to them over and over.

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Fishing eBooks

For those who don't mind a bit of written content. Greg has put a selection of his lure making and lure fishing eBooks on the Team Doc Lures website to be downloaded and consumed at your leisure!

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Private Feed

A lot of ALF listeners tune in to the podcast using a podcatcher app on their mobile device, because they get a notification when a new episode comes out - plus they can bluetooth to ear buds or their car stereo. The Apple Podcast App is the usual one for for iPhone users, whilst android users often use apps like Podcast Addict or Pocket Casts to download and listen to ALF.

The TDL private feed allows members to also receive the premium content, such as ALF Plus episodes and audio masterclasses  via these apps. So you'll get notifications of new content and can listen on or offline!

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