The Jigman

How The Bulk Purchase Offer Works

  • The minimum spend is $200 of Jigman products. You can mix and match any combination of Jigman products in whatever sizes and colours you like. You can not combine Jigman with other products to make up the minimum.
  • Non-members receive a bulk-buy discount of 10%, plus a complimentary 12 months TDL membership valued at $100. You can use the membership to access members-only tackle deals, audio masterclasses, livestreams and other exclusive fishing resources only avalailable to Team Doc Lures members.
  • Existing members receive a bulk-buy discount of 25%. Use the coupon code TDL25 at checkout (note: you must be logged in for the code to work).

30 Deg Jig Hooks

EWG Worm Hooks

SOSo Weedless Hooks

Worm Nose Jig Hooks

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order for a bunch of mates or for my fishing club?

Yes, of course. But your order must be paid for by a single person and must be shipped to a single address. How you distribute it after that is up to you!

What if I want a smaller quantity of tackle?

Unfortunately, I can't help you with that one. If your loal tackle store doesn't stock Pro Lures there are some very good ebay vendors who can help with smaller qualities of lures. Or, get together with a few mates and split the cost of an order!

Are TDL memberships transferrable?

Yes! If you want the tackle but don't need the membership then let me know who you'd like me to transfer it to!