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Target Species:  Mulloway (jewfish), barramundi, snapper, black jewfish, flathead, fingermark


  • Three sizes: 80, 105, 130mm
  • Nine colours, many UV enhanced


  • Standard jighead
  • Weedless, unweighted
  • Weedless, belly weight
  • Weedless, head weighted

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Since its release the Pro Lure Fishtail has been billed as a lure designed and perfected specifically for consistent results on southern mulloway (jewfish). And by all accounts it's super effective..... as a northerner I haven't had the opportunity to throw it at mulloway, but I've seen the pics and heard the stories.

The Fishtail has a deepish shad-like body that gives it a good presence in the water without being too chunky across the shoulders. The tail tapers down to a narrow "tail wrist" with plenty of grooves for extra vibration and to hold the all-important attractant for longer. and the tail itself is relatively large for the size of the lure. These attributes combine to create a lure that has a great presence in the water, with the tail pulsing solidly to emit amazing vibration at slow speed.

All of this is perfect for targeting estuary jewfish. But to be honest, those same attributes are often what's required to tempt barramundi, flathead and snapper. So I reckon that promoting the Fishtail as a jewfish lure could be selling a great design short!

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80mm, 108mm, 130mm


Pearl Sardine, Mangrove Gold, Natural Shad, Lime Pepper, Albino UV, Chartreuse, Brown Bass, Midnight, Pink Shad