Snake Charmer Double Tap Rod 7’2″, PE4, Fast/Extra Fast Action

“Innovative Design For Incredible Versatility”

The Ultimate Fishing Tool For The Big Lure Specialist.

Casting large lures such as swimbaits, big soft plastics, oversized cranks, big bents minnows and even metals requires a rod that’s made for the task. The Snake Charmer Double Tap boasts length for casting distance and an interchangeable tip system for versatility. Install the extra fast “Skull Dragger” tip for the bigger, heavier lures that require more grunt to cast and work effectively. Or switch to the fast action “Absorber” tip, for lighter lures and more shock absorption.

    • Perfectly balanced to cast and work a wide range of lures for flathead, cod, barramundi, mulloway, kingfish and more
    • 70g lure weight payload for serious sized lures in a range of scenarios
    • Heavy power rating for muscling big fish out of heavy cover
    • Baitcast option only, load it up with your favourite 300 size reel and get fishing.
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More information about the Snake Charmer Double Tap Fishing Rod

Power: Heavy
Action: Fast/Extra Fast
Length: 7'2", 2.18m
Lure Weight: 70g+
Line: 20-40lb, PE4
Reel Suggestions: 300 size baitcast