Soft Plastic Lure Bootcamp

Bootcamp Starts 1 August, 2024








A comprehensive short course for beginner to intermediate level anglers wanting to “level up” their results with soft plastic lures.

  • Twelve weekly online sessions LIVE with Greg.
  • 12 months access to video replays (ongoing for members)
  • BONUS Q&A sessions
  • BONUS 12 Month TDL membership ($100 value)


  • BONUS soft plastic lure and terminal tackle pack ($100 value)

Original price was: $300.00.Current price is: $149.00.

TDL Members

If you're an annual member or a monthly member for > 12 months this course is free, excluding lure pack. There are also discounts available for newer TDL members. Email me for details


Full Details Of My Soft Plastic Lure Bootcamp

Session 1: Demystifying Soft Plastic Lures

"Feeling overwhelmed by the endless options in soft plastic lures? I’ve been there too, questioning which style, size, shape, or colour to choose. In our first session, I'll help you cut through the confusion and make sense of the basics. By the end, you'll confidently pick quality lures that catch fish and feel comfortable in your choices."

Session 2: Essential Tackle and Accessories

"Ever bought gear that just didn’t work out? I understand the frustration of wasting money on the wrong tackle. Let’s maximize what you already have and ensure any new purchases are spot-on. I'll share my insights on getting the best out of your current kit and guide you to smart upgrades, so you save both time and money."

Session 3: Basic Soft Plastic Lure Rigging

"Rigging soft plastics can seem tricky, but it’s all about the right techniques. I’ve fumbled through this myself, and now I’m here to show you the 4-5 basic rigging methods I use most. You’ll practice alongside me and, by the end, you’ll be rigging like a pro, ready to out fish the average angler."

Session 4: Your Rigging Kit (From Basic to Advanced)

"Proper rigging can feel like a mystery, but I’ve cracked the code. I'll take you through my rigging kit and show you how the right terminals can elevate your fishing game. You’ll learn how to take your soft plastics from effective to exceptional, making every cast count."

Session 5: Advanced Soft Plastic Rigging

"Sometimes, basic techniques aren’t enough. I’ve been in those tough fishing spots where nothing seems to work. In this session, I’ll share advanced rigging techniques that cover more scenarios, giving you the edge when the fishing gets tough. These tricks have saved my day on the water many times."

Session 6: Next-Level Rigging Techniques

"When the fish are being extra finicky, you need advanced tactics. I’ll teach you some rarely-used, but incredibly effective rigging techniques that I rely on in challenging situations. These strategies are your secret weapon for those tough days when you need to pull out all the stops."

Session 7: Using Grubs and Worms

"Many anglers overlook grubs and worms, thinking they’re too simple. I’ve found these lures to be surprisingly effective. I’ll show you how to leverage their power with techniques that turn these 'boring' plastics into reliable fish-catchers."

Session 8: Mastering Paddletails and Jerkbaits

"Paddletails and jerkbaits are my go-to lures for their versatility. I’ve spent countless hours perfecting their use, and I’ll teach you the rigging styles and tweaks that enhance their action. You’ll see how these lures can become your most reliable fishing tools."

Session 9: Mastering Soft Plastic Prawns

"Soft plastic prawns are often underestimated. Through my experience, I’ve unlocked their full potential. I’ll share rigging and movement secrets that make these lures incredibly effective, giving you a powerful addition to your tackle box."

Session 10: Other Soft Plastic Lures

"There’s a whole world of soft plastic lures beyond the common ones. I’ve experimented with many, from stickbaits to frogs, and found their unique advantages. I’ll introduce you to these lesser-known lures and show you how they can make your fishing more rewarding and exciting."

Session 11: Plastic Surgery: Modifying, Upgrading, and Repairing Soft Plastics

"I know the pain of damaged or suboptimal lures cutting into precious fishing time. I’ve developed hands-on techniques to keep my lures in top shape or even enhance them. I’ll teach you how to modify and repair your soft plastics, ensuring they’re always ready to perform."

Session 12: Mastering Environmental Tactics and Psychological Triggers in Soft Plastic Fishing

"Understanding fish behaviour and adapting to environmental changes can be daunting. I’ve spent years decoding these elements. In this final session, I’ll share strategies that enhance your adaptability and success, making you a more advanced and effective angler."

Bonus #1: LIVE Q&A Sessions

There will be 3 live Q&A sessions associated with the bootcamp. These are 60-90 minute live webinars where I'll be answering questions and sharing info about new lures and techniques. Replays will be in the members area for all members to learn from and enjoy. The Live Q&A sessions will occur in the 6 months following the completion of the bootcamp and participants can attend as many or as few live events as they like.

Bonus #2: Soft Plastic Lure Packs 

Participants will receive a selection of soft plastic lures, hooks and terminals. These are learning materials for Session 3 of the bootcamp and will allow participants to practice rigging lures simultaneously as I demonstrate the main rigging techniques that I use. Some of the rigging techniques covered in sessions 5 and 6 will also be possible using the gear in these packs. However, there are numerous specialised rigging techniques and they are not applicable to all angler, species or situations. To keep the course costs down, these are not provided, but sources may be identified, or a group bulk-buy might be arranged if there is sufficient interest in specific terminal tackle items. 

Bonus #3: 12 Months Team Doc Lures Membership

All participants who are not already TDL Members will receive a complementary membership, which will give access to the members only audio masterclasses, ebooks, online tools and resources, tackle collective offers, live streams and other benefits enjoyed by members. This includes access to the replays of the Bootcamp Sessions. At the end of 12 months your membership will automatically be terminated, but you'll have the no-obligation option to subscribe for an annual or monthly amount if you'd like to continue accessing the content and supporting the Australian Lure Fishing Podcast. 

How is the bootcamp delivered?

The twelve bootcamp sessions are delivered as webinars. I'll be presenting the information LIVE at 8pm every Thursday for 12 weeks, starting on 1 August, 2024. The presentations will be a combination of livestream, slideshow, video clips, whiteboards and other online options, and you'll be able to interact with me via live chat.

Each session will be recorded and made available as a replay on the Team Doc Lures members site. You'll be able to access these via the same logins as the live sessions and will find them conveniently time-stamped to help you navigate to the parts you need. Videos may also be pushed to mobile phones via the TDL private members feed, although this is yet to be confirmed.


How long can I access the Bootcamp content?

In a nutshell, for as long as you choose to stay a member. Since you get a 12 month membership as a bonus when you sign up for the Bootcamp, you'll get a minimum of 12 months access. After that, you can choose to let your membership lapse if you no longer need access, or can continue for $10/month or $100/year, which gives you access to all membership content, including future Bootcamps I have planned.


Will the content be updated?

Yes. I plan to add info to the Bootcamp in future. You'll get access to any updates free of charge, for as long as you remain a member.


What's In The Tackle Pack And When Will I get It?

The exact contents of the tackle pack are still being decided, but it will contain samples of most of the lure styles we'll be discussing over the 12 weeks of the bootcamp and some terminals and other bits and pieces for rigging them. The tackle pack will ship in the first week of the bootcamp, so you'll have it easily by the time we get to talking about basic rigging techniques. The idea is that you'll have everything you need to practice rigging soft plastics whilst you watch me demonstrate the techniques. The pack won't contain all of the components for some of the more advanced rigging techniques, because not everyone will want or use them. But if there's enough interest then in future I may offer an advanced rigging pack for those who want all the bits and pieces in one handy kit.  


Will you be running the Soft Plastic Lures Bootcamp again?

Almost certainly, but it's unclear what subsequent courses will look like. It's likely they will be self-navigated replays of the original Bootcamp and the bonuses, pricing and timing are likely to change. So if you want to be able to interact with me and ask questions live, plus you want the lure pack ($100 of free value), right now is your best bet. They might not be on offer again, certainly not at the current pricing.

Original price was: $300.00.Current price is: $149.00.