Tonic Eyewear Bream, Perch, Bass Offer (Limited Time)

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We’ve put this deal together specifically for those that love throwing small hard bodies at bream, estuary perch and bass in our southern estuaries, rivers and lakes. With a pair of quality Tonic sunglasses on your face you’ll have the advantage of seeing fish and structure in glorious detail and vibrant colour – without glare. And with a Pro Lure hard body at the end of your line you’ll get to see the fish hit your lures with spectacular clarity.

Here’s what’s in the package

Tonic Eyewear – 1 Pair (RRP $299)

  • Exquisite depth of colour without distortion
  • Super lightweight, scratch resistant glass lenses
  • Anti-reflective bounce-back protection
  • Choice of several models in Green Mirror, Grey Photochromic or Copper Photochromic Lens. Get advice on lens colour selection below.

Pro Lures Hard Bodies

  • ST72 Minnow, deep diving, copper smelt colour (RRP $21.95)
  • D36 Crank, deep diving, combat crab colour (RRP $17.95)
  • S36 Crank, deep diving, pearl shrimp colour (RRP $17.95)
  • Colours depend on stock, we may supply different colours if stocks run out

TDL Membership (RRP $100.yr)

  • Online fishing research tool with >500 fishing spots
  • TDL Tackle Collective for members-deals on tackle
  • Audio sportfishing masterclasses
  • Members-only podcast content and livestreamed fishing workshops

Existing TDL Members

Existing members can either gift the membership they receive with this package, or use the coupon code TDL25SC to receive $50 store credit to be put towards a future purchase from the TDL Tackle Collective (must be logged in for code to work)


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Choosing The Right Lens For Your Needs

  • Grey lenses are a popular choice for fishing in bright and sunny conditions, as they reduce glare without distorting colors and provide excellent protection against harmful UV rays.
  • Copper lenses enhance contrast and color perception, making them effective in a range of lighting conditions. They are particularly useful for freshwater fishing, highlighting greens and reds to spot fish and underwater structures.
  • Amber lenses are ideal for fishing in low-light conditions, offering excellent contrast and enhancing depth perception. They are also effective at reducing glare and provide good UV protection.
  • Mirrored lenses reflect away a lot of light and are great on extremely bright and glary days - but on dull days or at dawn and dusk they can reflect too much light, resulting in a loss of colour perception. Mirror green lenses are suitable for fishing in freshwater environments as they enhance green and blue colors, making it easier to spot fish and underwater structures. Mirror blue lenses are ideal for offshore fishing, enhancing blue colors and reducing glare from the water's surface.
  • Red lenses are useful for specific fishing conditions, such as during overcast or cloudy days, fishing in shallow water or areas where the water is tannin stained. They enhance red and orange colors and can reduce eye strain and fatigue, but may not be suitable for bright and sunny days or deep or murky waters.
  • Photochromic lenses adjust to changing light conditions by darkening in bright light and becoming lighter in low-light conditions, reducing the need to switch lenses or sunglasses. The trade-off is that they may not offer the same color-enhancing benefits as traditional lenses.

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