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Welcome To Doc Lures' Ultimate Tonic Sunglasses Deal!

These days I wear Tonic sunglasses exclusively, having tried pretty much every major brand on the market over the years. In my view (pun intended), Tonic Eyewear produce the best value sunglasses on the market for anyone who wants all the features and benefits of high-end sunnies but doesn't want to pay the ridiculous "brand tax".

That's not marketing - it's my actual experience.


Let Me Help You Into The Perfect Pair Of Tonic Sunglasses FOR YOU!

Choosing The Right Frame For You

Choosing The Right Lens For You

My Money-Back Guarantee

Awesome Bonus Gifts


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Choosing The Right Tonic Sunglasses Frame For You

Tonic sunglasses are built on rugged acetate frames that are strong and lightweight. Of course, no two faces are the same size or shape - and we all have different preferences in terms of style that's why Tonic eyewear is available in a wide range of frame styles, there's one to suit everyone! Here's a quick summary:

  • Cove: Attractive and lightweight ladies frame
  • Evo: Contoured wraparound frame that fits most face shapes
  • Flemington: Fashionable ladies style for rectangular, oblong or oval faces
  • Mo: Larger frame for a larger face, without sacrificing style
  • Outback: Award winning style popular with larger gents
  • Rise: Wraparound style for those with broader facial features
  • Rush: Smaller, lightweight frame for folks with finer features
  • Shimmer: Popular wraparound style for medium sized heads and features
  • Swish: A large, comfortable frame for large, comfortable faces
  • Tango: Medium fit frame that doesn't wrap so tightly around the face
  • Titan: Tonic's larges sunglasses frame, with long, flexible arms and large lenses
  • Trakker: For people with broad features, designed to wear under a hat
  • Wave: Comfortable, fashionable ladies style for those with finer features
  • Youranium: Lightweight, medium size frame with side blocking

My Promise: "You Won't Get Stuck With Glasses You're Not Happy With"

If you need more help choosing a frame style please Contact me! And remember, we guarantee you'll love your Tonic sunglasses, so if you're not happy with the glasses you've chosen you can switch them or get a refund, simple as that! Find out more.


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Getting The Perfect Tonic Sunglasses Lens For Your Needs

No matter how comfy your frames might be, you won't be too happy with your new sunnies if they don't protect your eyes, and enhance your vision by increasing colour, cutting glare and blocking UV. That's where Tonic sunglasses really shine. Tonic use the thinnest glass lens you'll find anywhere, which makes them super lightweight, crystal clear and distortion free. The filters are the highest grade films and are sandwiched between glass where they're protected from scratching.

In terms of lens colours, there are tons of options. Here are my recommendations:

  • Photochromic Copper. This is my favourite lens because it is super versatile and can be worn anywhere. The photochromic lens adjusts in darkness depending on how bright the conditions are, so you can wear them from dawn to dusk in cloudy or sunny conditions. The copper filter enhances the contrast and details you can see through the water surface, making them perfect for fish spotting. If you're an angler and are only buying one pair of Tonic sunglasses, I'd suggest choosing the photochromic copper lens colour.
  • Photochromic Grey. This is the other super versatile lens in the Tonic Sunglasses range. It's prefect for wearing anytime, anywhere. Personally, I find it doesn't enhances the contrast as much as the copper lens, but what it does is enhance the richness of colours. I'd wear this lens all day every day when I'm not fishing, but prefer the copper photochromic lens for fishing.
  • Mirror Silver. Mirror silver lenses are similar to the grey lens except that they don't adjust to suit the light conditions. They make the colours around us look super intense and are perfect when conditions are super bright and glary.
  • Mirror Blue. Tonic sunglasses in the mirror blue lens are a firm favourite with offshore fishers. The mirror finish reflects away extreme glare and the blue filter enhances the colours typically experienced when fishing the deep blue.
  • Mirror Green. Estuary and freshwater anglers love Tonic sunglasses mirror green lenses for their ability to cut through glare and make it super easy to see fish in water with a greenish tinge. Once again, perfect in extreme glare conditions.
  • Neon Copper. These are a really cool lens that cut glare and maximise fish spotting during cloudy or low light conditions without darkening the scene for the wearer. Invaluable if you fish a lot around dawn or dusk and in places where overcast conditions are common. You need to cut glare, but not the amount of light!

Remember, all Tonic sunglasses lenses are super scratch resistant, super lightweight, non-distorting, polarised and block 100% of UVA and UVB!


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About Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you into the right pair of Tonic sunglasses for your face shape, personal tastes and fishing needs, and we'll go the extra yard to make that happen. Here's how:

"If you're not 100% happy with your new Tonic sunglasses you can return them to us within 14 days and we will happily either refund you, or exchange them for another Tonic style and/or lens colour."

Here are the conditions of the guarantee:

  1. The Tonic sunglasses you originally purchased must be returned in as-new condition with the glasses case and box that they were supplied in. Shipping will be at your expense and at your risk. If the glasses are damaged before or during shipping the terms of this guarantee will be void.
  2. For refunds, we will return funds to the credit card or Paypal account you used to make the purchase within 24 hr of receiving the returned goods. For exchanges, we will invoice you the cost of shipping out a new pair (Australia Post Express $14) and will ship your replacement pair within 2 business days of receiving the returned goods.
  3. Customers can make a maximum of 1 refund/exchange request per purchase.

Of course, Tonic Eyewear also have a 12 month manufacturers warranty that covers all material and workmanship on sunglasses purchased through Doc Lures.


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What about those cool bonuses?

You bet! Right now we're throwing in two awesome bonuses for anglers who buy their Tonic sunglasses through Doc Lures:

  1.  Two packets of 92mm Pro Lure Clone Prawns valued at $23.95. In my opinion, these are the best, most versatile and most effective soft plastic prawns on the market, bar none! Whether you're in northern or southern Australia, it doesn't really matter, everything eats a prawn. And there isn't another sift prawn quite like the Clone Prawn, so rig one up and hang on!
  2. 12 Months membership to my Team Doc Lures membership area, where you'll get access to exclusive fishing content and resources. That includes members-only podcast content, audio masterclasses, livestreams, tackle offers and of course the Doc Lures companion for researching your next fishing spot.

Note that these bonuses won't last forever and we reserve the right change bonus products periodically.

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